Thursday, July 1, 2010

I am so Inspired By:

I am so inspired by the movie, Julie and Julia. It was a really good movie. I really got inspired by the way Julie worked diligently in creating her blog about what she had learned and continued to learn from Julia.
I am inspired by many people on Youtube. Some of these talented women can scrapbook and create projects that are just awesome. They get the wow factor from me. Little old me. What do I have to offer? Well I am about to find out. I am going to start my blog, Well I know I have started this one a long time ago but I mean really start my blog. I am inspired. I am going to create projects each week. I can not always create a project a day. Its not cooking for heaven sake. Its a process. Its a creation that takes time. I will post my results on my blog and then post the project on my Etsy Store. I will post my blog post on my facebook and twitter and myspace. I will blog my feelings about the project and how I got the inspiration or from who I got my inspiration from. I have started a project that I hope to have done by the end of the week, and I have a few other projects that I have started. This will give me reason to really finish them.
My goals:
1. Post a completed Project on my Etsy Store Each week....
2. Write daily of my journey through this process on this blog.
3. Have 100 projects for sale by January.
4. In 1 full year from today have 100 items sold on my Etsy Store.
5. By the End of July 2010 I want to have a kit of the week on my Etsy Store.

I know that it will take a very long time before people read my blog but if someone does I want them to be inspired. I want them to know that the sky is the limit. You can do anything you set your mind to. Look at what others have done. It is inspiring and knowing others have been successful well then so can I and so can you.
Well I am off the create some projects. Its going to be a fabulous day I can feel it.

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