Saturday, July 30, 2011

Goals Hmmmmm Well

Well my goals are being worked on. Most of my goal time lines have come and GONE....but my will power is stronger then ever. My Weight loss goals are coming along GREAT...I have lost 48 lbs so far and still on my way to success. My craft goals are still being worked on but I have a great new beginning of progress in this area. I sure feel great about what is coming up ahead. I think everyone will like it and I hope to hear lots of feed back from anyone who is willing.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A New Year Approaches

As a new year approaches I reflect on the past 12 months. I have set goals and I did NOT achieve but a small dust of them. I am not sure of why other then self doubt and lack of will power. Why do I bother setting goals if I don't achieve them? Why do I bother looking forward to great and marvelous things when I fall flat on my life doesn't show much success at all. Some days I feel defeated. I feel empty sometimes.
This year 2011, will it be any different? Will I ever succeed? Will I fall flat on my face again? Its any one's guess. I will continue to set goals and see what comes of them.

1st Goal for 2011- I want to loose 100 lbs by December 11, 2011.  That's a nice big number. Why did I choose 100 lbs? I have to do something. I wont stop until I loose 100 lbs. Its time to do something and that time is NOW.  The biggest looser will be me.

2nd Goal for 2011- I want to complete "game board" crafts that I have in my office by March 13, 2011.

3rd Goal for 2011- I want to complete all the "Journal Projects" in my office by May 27, 2011

4th Goal for 2011- I want to be the #1 Agent and Area Developer of BoostContact By February 11, 2011.


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Gone With the Wind Page Swap (Ashley Page)

Gone With the Wind Page Swap I hosted.
This is Just the Ashley Page I created

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

oh my its been a while I need to catch up

Life has been full of ups and downs. I am working on a swap that should be closing up here soon. I am hosting this swap and it is my first one ever. Its been okay so far. No big pot holes in the road. Pretty smooth sailing. I did a Gone with the Wind and Wizard of Oz together. It was fun actually and I am in the process of completing mine. I know I know I should have had mine done already but there was deadline change because of the ladies wanted an extension due to other swaps she was doing. It really helped with my time line as well. I will be posting results of that as soon as they all arrive and I can get things organized. Thanks to my wonderful husband I have a little more time to work on my projects because he has been so supportive.
I need to finish this all up and get crackin on the other hundreds of projects in the making. I need to get Menguba Monday ready to go as well.
Well until next time.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Something awesome coming up

Okay so my baby steps of posting my charms is still in the works. Life has gotten a little crazy to say the least but I continue to work on those steps. I have some great things coming up that are really exciting for me. I don't think everyone will goo goo ga ga over them but I am pretty proud of the projects. Its great to create something like this and hope that everyone enjoys them as much as I do. I sure hope that folks start seeing me as a creative person and finding my work enjoyable to see. I am working really hard on earning a living at this one day. I love this creative process and I truly enjoy what I do.
I am turning 40 today. Its been a long journey this past year. I am excited that my life is so full of family and friends to share this journey with me. I am excited to meet new friends along the path of this wonder process.
Well I am going back to the grind and I will be posting some stuff hopefully really soon.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Just another baby step in my Journey

I have completed my next baby step. I have completed my second youtube video. This video has my kits that I have available on my Etsy store and my cute new charms that I made. I don't have pictures taken of my charms yet. That's the next phase of this baby step. My goal this week is to finish photographing my charms load them on my Etsy store. Get the charms ready in there packages and finish up a few other 1/2 started projects. Uggggg baby steps are lots of work. Well as I upload the youtube video I am trying to get a bazillion other things done. I hope one day soon my baby steps will turn into bigger steps and more of them.

Friday, August 6, 2010

To continue this wonderful Journey

Well I just posted on my Etsy store my very first paper bag kit. Its really pretty paper. I love the collection. So one of my goals is completed but a little later then I had hoped. But that's the beauty of this adventure to learn and grow. It is such a rewarding experience to set goals and obtain them one by one. It helps with self esteem and to find some courage you didn't think you had. Will they sell? I don't know. Maybe so but then again honestly Maybe not. Its okay. It is a dream and I am starting to obtain my dreams and making the dream a reality. Baby steps.... With everything that I have been through and lived though I feel like even the smallest of a baby step is a mile stone for me. Way to go me....
My Etsy Store is