Friday, April 23, 2010

I have got to say!

I thinking today...who has inspired me in scrapbooking. Well that is a loaded question. Too many people to mention but honestly, before the fire I was inspired by my friends and life experiences. Since the fire I had not had much desire to do much of anything. My heart was broken over the lose of all my stuff. My hard work of creating fun stuff, working on scrapbooks to leave behind for generations to come and all the years I spent teaching people to journal their journey. Then one day I was on know that place that teens just love. Well I came across "follow the paper trail" and oh my gosh Laura's work really lite a fire under my butt. She really inspired me to get to work again. My fears and frustration wall started to come down. I started with one project that I wanted to recreate of Laura's and dang I am hooked. Thank You so much Laura. Your awesome....I appreciate your talent.
I am not going to post a challenge today I will start more challenges on Monday and possible a project to post.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Food for thought

Does this sound like you? You're "missing-in-Action" in your scrapbooks, blogs, Journals because you are the one behind the camera? Future generations might not know what you look like after you're gone. Friends and Family wont know the "Real Story" behind who you are. You hate scrapbook journaling and avoid it at all cost, and your children have no idea what your favorite color is or why you chose your major in college. You have unanswered question about your grandmother's life, or your mother's, or sisters or your best friend's. Stop being a silent partner in your family history Don't keep your stories to yourself.
The next couple of blog challenges will face this problem straight on. I will have fun and heart warming challenges coming up. Keep checking back and remember its never too late to have your story told.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Journal your Journey

Scrapbooking our lessons learned
Most of my life I have faced a lot of difficult challenges in my personal life. During the struggles it was very difficult but I faced them head on, sometimes felling frustrated, hurt and painful but I always came through it just a little stronger and sometimes I thought of giving up because it was easier but I pressed forward and found new strength. With much faith and prayer, I valiantly pushed forward and now I look back with much appreciation for my "stepping stones" that prepared me for today's trials. Today I face trials of heath and a loss of a home to fire, but everyday my faith is stronger. My prospective of life is is different, my priorities have changed and thou my "stepping stones" are larger I push forward in faith. I try to stay upbeat and strong. I grieve for my strength I once had in my arms and legs. I grieve for my hair that I loss a little at a time, I grieve for the friendships I have lost, I grieve for the things I used to love to do and I can no longer do. I grieve for the things I lost in my home when it caught fire, BUT I treasure my beautiful family, my treasured friends, I treasure the gifts that God gave me so that I can replace what I used to do for something I can now do instead. I treasure the good days and I treasure all the Blessings that I have received in spite of the loss that I have endured. bust most importantly I treasure the wisdom and talents of those around me, that strengthen me and give me the courage to endure. So can we journal our journey of life? Yes we can. Hard times hit us all, weather directly or through someone we love. What better stories to tell then those of rising above adversity and acting with great strength and love. It can be health issues, a divorce, a loss of a friendship that was dear to you. What ever it is Journal your journey.... Here are some helpful hints... What are your feelings? Who helped you and how have you changed from the experience and what have you learned. Most important end with a message of hope.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Vintage Photo Challenge

I love vintage Photo's but sometimes they can be challenging to scrapbook. Maybe they are photo's of family members. Maybe they are photo's of a couple in love during WWI or WWII. Perhaps they are photo's of loved ones now no longer alive. What do you do if you cant ask them questions? where do you go for help?
Photos always leave clues behind you just have to find them.
1. what is the Mood?
2. What are the popular colors?
3. What are the major events from that time period.
4. Have you discovered any personal effects of the people in the photos? Use them if possible. Use distressing techniques. How about journal entry's, hand written letters? Old postage stamps, post cards. Is there any body left you can personally interview? See what they remember. Believe me one day your be glad you did.
There are some great products available to use. Vintage patterned papers, there are also many great techniques to choose from. Have fun and remember you don't want to be one of these photos 30 years from now.

"A day in a life of Mom" Challenge

Sometimes I have wandered, what my grandmother or my great grandmother did on a typical day. I don't believe that they did much scrapbooking in their day. So how can you provide future generations with a timeline of your daily routine. My thoughts were also for those who have all there children in school, do 2 different pages, one of summer timeline, and one of typical school days timeline. Here is how I did mine.
1. Take a notebook and a camera where ever you go. Record your real life adventures as a, work at home, or stay at home or home schooling your children Mom or what ever the case may be. Your trip to the local walmart, your cart full of kids and food. Your laundry piles, your dirty dishes piling up. Your trip to the park with your kids. Keep it honest, Keep it "your real-life challenges of the day.
2. Take photo's of your before and after of the laundry, the dishes, the kids before you went to walmart and when you get back. Take notes of your feelings.

Here is a timeline of my life: (Sample)
6am- Drag kid #1 out of bed. This is an on going process. It takes her 30 min to finally climb out of bed.
6:30- Kiss husband goodbye as he is off to work.
7:30- Kid #1 off to school
8:00 - Kid #2&3 out of bed and getting ready for high school online classes.
8:30- Kid #4 out of bed getting ready for school. His senior year is very important.
9am - I can start my day cleaning, laundry etc.

Taking pictures along the way it may be some work but I know you can do it. It is really a lot of fun to do a layout with this You will see. Also I must warn you ...You just might realize you are super women but don't let it go to your head....
Its a great scrappin day: Post your comments when you can.

On your Mark, Get Set, GO!

Who am I as a scrapbooker? What can I contribute to this Scrapbooking world? Not sure but I am going to find out.
In this sometimes crazy world we have so many things going on, we have "life" the hussle and bussle of life, then we have "Myspace and Facebook world and blogging...and on and on. Who can Keep up? A lot of folks can and do very well but others not so much.
I have come up with a fun way for me to enjoy this just a little bit more. Anyone is welcome to join in the fun. This is for everyone. Scrapbookers and Non-Scrapbookers, and everyone and everything in between.. 1. Scrapbookers- you have your own style, go with it. Need help need inspiration well keep watching. 2. Non-Scrapbookers, use a blog, add your photos and journal. Have a journal, use it. Your time your choice. I am here to help if you need help.
I will have challenges, projects and kits that you can purchase on my Etsy store. So keep watching. Please comment when you can I would love to hear what you think.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Getting Life Back to Normal

I started this blog in "09" but then lost my home to a fire on July 4, 2009 by foolish people playing around with fireworks in the neighborhood and we paid the price. I am devistated to have lost everything we ever owned. All the years of scrapbooking and creating up in smoke. I have started to collect my supplies again and will be creating again soon. I am starting a challenge coming soon and its to inspire myself and others. Stay tuned and find out all the details.