Thursday, May 6, 2010

Want A Challenge?

Okay so I got to thinking. What would I do differently now that I have experienced the loss of my home to fire. Now let me back up a little bit. I was Dx with Lupus in 05 and then later said I had Incomplete Lupus and then DX with Behcets Disease. I was told that if the Chemo injections did not work that I had 2-3 years to live. This would shock anyone I think..I started planning for the worst case and I took years after that documenting everything for my children. If this disease was going to kill me then I was going to leave something behind so that my children would Never forget me. I stopped sweating the little stuff. I started living life to its fullest and having fun doing it. I yelled less, loved more. I didn't care if the dishes were in the sink at the end of the day because I got to snuggle with my kids and watch a movie instead of yelling at everybody to clean the house. Life was better in prospective for me. What mattered most was right before me. I took thousands of pictures and spent time making a DVD for all my kids, my husband and my family back home.
I lost everything in my house fire. The years of documenting our life during this time. What happened? What and where did I go wrong. I lost it all. Some people said "Its just stuff, everyone made it out alive,..." They were right but its still "our stuff" the years of sacrifice, the years of happy memories, genealogy, letters, DVDs, of life, family and other memories up in smoke. That was tragic. What would I do different? Well after this I would have done alot different.
1. Scrapbooking is done every single day and rightfully so. Its fun, creative and awesome to see the years of memories that you can flip to. But I missed something.. If I would have put a blog together like this one and added photo's to it and documented not only on paper in a scrapbook that we all love to do; I would still have the blog at least. With all the photos and journaling of memories that went with those photos. It seems like a lot of extra work but it would be worth it. It would have been less devastating at the time of my loss.
2. Recorded DVDs and such would have been great to have been given to my folks, or other family because not everyone's house will burn at the same time and then I could have had copies made of everything. There is also ways to download video's now days with facebook and myspace. You can keep them private for you to only view but at least after a tragedy such as mine after the clouds had lifted I could have made another copy.
So anyway these are just a few of the great possibilities. Remember if you, and I pray no one ever has to but if you would ever have such a tragedy that you don't have time to think of "oh in case of a fire I will grab this or that." it doesn't work that way. In real life you don't have the time.
Do it right once and you'll never be sorry and have to learn the hard way like I have.

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