Saturday, August 14, 2010

Just another baby step in my Journey

I have completed my next baby step. I have completed my second youtube video. This video has my kits that I have available on my Etsy store and my cute new charms that I made. I don't have pictures taken of my charms yet. That's the next phase of this baby step. My goal this week is to finish photographing my charms load them on my Etsy store. Get the charms ready in there packages and finish up a few other 1/2 started projects. Uggggg baby steps are lots of work. Well as I upload the youtube video I am trying to get a bazillion other things done. I hope one day soon my baby steps will turn into bigger steps and more of them.

Friday, August 6, 2010

To continue this wonderful Journey

Well I just posted on my Etsy store my very first paper bag kit. Its really pretty paper. I love the collection. So one of my goals is completed but a little later then I had hoped. But that's the beauty of this adventure to learn and grow. It is such a rewarding experience to set goals and obtain them one by one. It helps with self esteem and to find some courage you didn't think you had. Will they sell? I don't know. Maybe so but then again honestly Maybe not. Its okay. It is a dream and I am starting to obtain my dreams and making the dream a reality. Baby steps.... With everything that I have been through and lived though I feel like even the smallest of a baby step is a mile stone for me. Way to go me....
My Etsy Store is

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Uggg Part of my Journey...

Isn't life crazy...I have been sick off and on and now I am feeling a little better. I will need to create new goals for myself as I can see I have really fallen short of my other goals. Well isn't that part of the journey process? Finding out what you want to do and actually can do are often 2 very different things. I will return sometime today and then again it may be tomorrow and start a new set of goals. I will be really striving for more excellence and see what happens. Its a process and its a journey.