Friday, April 23, 2010

I have got to say!

I thinking today...who has inspired me in scrapbooking. Well that is a loaded question. Too many people to mention but honestly, before the fire I was inspired by my friends and life experiences. Since the fire I had not had much desire to do much of anything. My heart was broken over the lose of all my stuff. My hard work of creating fun stuff, working on scrapbooks to leave behind for generations to come and all the years I spent teaching people to journal their journey. Then one day I was on know that place that teens just love. Well I came across "follow the paper trail" and oh my gosh Laura's work really lite a fire under my butt. She really inspired me to get to work again. My fears and frustration wall started to come down. I started with one project that I wanted to recreate of Laura's and dang I am hooked. Thank You so much Laura. Your awesome....I appreciate your talent.
I am not going to post a challenge today I will start more challenges on Monday and possible a project to post.

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