Monday, April 19, 2010

Vintage Photo Challenge

I love vintage Photo's but sometimes they can be challenging to scrapbook. Maybe they are photo's of family members. Maybe they are photo's of a couple in love during WWI or WWII. Perhaps they are photo's of loved ones now no longer alive. What do you do if you cant ask them questions? where do you go for help?
Photos always leave clues behind you just have to find them.
1. what is the Mood?
2. What are the popular colors?
3. What are the major events from that time period.
4. Have you discovered any personal effects of the people in the photos? Use them if possible. Use distressing techniques. How about journal entry's, hand written letters? Old postage stamps, post cards. Is there any body left you can personally interview? See what they remember. Believe me one day your be glad you did.
There are some great products available to use. Vintage patterned papers, there are also many great techniques to choose from. Have fun and remember you don't want to be one of these photos 30 years from now.

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