Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Journal your Journey

Scrapbooking our lessons learned
Most of my life I have faced a lot of difficult challenges in my personal life. During the struggles it was very difficult but I faced them head on, sometimes felling frustrated, hurt and painful but I always came through it just a little stronger and sometimes I thought of giving up because it was easier but I pressed forward and found new strength. With much faith and prayer, I valiantly pushed forward and now I look back with much appreciation for my "stepping stones" that prepared me for today's trials. Today I face trials of heath and a loss of a home to fire, but everyday my faith is stronger. My prospective of life is is different, my priorities have changed and thou my "stepping stones" are larger I push forward in faith. I try to stay upbeat and strong. I grieve for my strength I once had in my arms and legs. I grieve for my hair that I loss a little at a time, I grieve for the friendships I have lost, I grieve for the things I used to love to do and I can no longer do. I grieve for the things I lost in my home when it caught fire, BUT I treasure my beautiful family, my treasured friends, I treasure the gifts that God gave me so that I can replace what I used to do for something I can now do instead. I treasure the good days and I treasure all the Blessings that I have received in spite of the loss that I have endured. bust most importantly I treasure the wisdom and talents of those around me, that strengthen me and give me the courage to endure. So can we journal our journey of life? Yes we can. Hard times hit us all, weather directly or through someone we love. What better stories to tell then those of rising above adversity and acting with great strength and love. It can be health issues, a divorce, a loss of a friendship that was dear to you. What ever it is Journal your journey.... Here are some helpful hints... What are your feelings? Who helped you and how have you changed from the experience and what have you learned. Most important end with a message of hope.

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