Monday, April 19, 2010

"A day in a life of Mom" Challenge

Sometimes I have wandered, what my grandmother or my great grandmother did on a typical day. I don't believe that they did much scrapbooking in their day. So how can you provide future generations with a timeline of your daily routine. My thoughts were also for those who have all there children in school, do 2 different pages, one of summer timeline, and one of typical school days timeline. Here is how I did mine.
1. Take a notebook and a camera where ever you go. Record your real life adventures as a, work at home, or stay at home or home schooling your children Mom or what ever the case may be. Your trip to the local walmart, your cart full of kids and food. Your laundry piles, your dirty dishes piling up. Your trip to the park with your kids. Keep it honest, Keep it "your real-life challenges of the day.
2. Take photo's of your before and after of the laundry, the dishes, the kids before you went to walmart and when you get back. Take notes of your feelings.

Here is a timeline of my life: (Sample)
6am- Drag kid #1 out of bed. This is an on going process. It takes her 30 min to finally climb out of bed.
6:30- Kiss husband goodbye as he is off to work.
7:30- Kid #1 off to school
8:00 - Kid #2&3 out of bed and getting ready for high school online classes.
8:30- Kid #4 out of bed getting ready for school. His senior year is very important.
9am - I can start my day cleaning, laundry etc.

Taking pictures along the way it may be some work but I know you can do it. It is really a lot of fun to do a layout with this You will see. Also I must warn you ...You just might realize you are super women but don't let it go to your head....
Its a great scrappin day: Post your comments when you can.

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