Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A New Year Approaches

As a new year approaches I reflect on the past 12 months. I have set goals and I did NOT achieve but a small dust of them. I am not sure of why other then self doubt and lack of will power. Why do I bother setting goals if I don't achieve them? Why do I bother looking forward to great and marvelous things when I fall flat on my life doesn't show much success at all. Some days I feel defeated. I feel empty sometimes.
This year 2011, will it be any different? Will I ever succeed? Will I fall flat on my face again? Its any one's guess. I will continue to set goals and see what comes of them.

1st Goal for 2011- I want to loose 100 lbs by December 11, 2011.  That's a nice big number. Why did I choose 100 lbs? I have to do something. I wont stop until I loose 100 lbs. Its time to do something and that time is NOW.  The biggest looser will be me.

2nd Goal for 2011- I want to complete "game board" crafts that I have in my office by March 13, 2011.

3rd Goal for 2011- I want to complete all the "Journal Projects" in my office by May 27, 2011

4th Goal for 2011- I want to be the #1 Agent and Area Developer of BoostContact By February 11, 2011.


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